Conversations on online learning

Episode 2. Caroline Kühn

December 16, 2020 Digital Support Partnership Episode 2
Conversations on online learning
Episode 2. Caroline Kühn
Show Notes

Caroline Kühn is a senior lecturer in the School of Education (Bath Spa University) and principal investigator of EPSRC funded project Understanding data: praxis and politics, 


Follow Caroline  

On Twitter: @carolak 

Caroline’s blog: 

The critical data literacies project:  

Caroline’s doctoral research 

key concept: Jenkins (2006)  participatory culture  

theoretical framework(s): critical realism and realist social theory 

focus: engagement with digital technology, specifically open and participatory tools. 

Kühn Hildebrandt, C. (2019). Whose interest is educational technology serving? Who is included and who is excluded?. RIED: Revista Iberoamericana de Educación a Distancia, 22(1). 


Caroline’s recommendations: 

Global OER Graduate Network  

The GO_GN network: and on twitter – #GO_GN  

 DeRosa and Jianghini → Open Pedagogy Notebook: an interesting and excellent resource for Open Educational Practice 

ALT: Association for learning and technology. An excellent source for advice, interest groups, conferences, articles, etc. 


Caroline is also interested in feminism from a Marxist perspective: 

Silvia Federici: feminist activist, writer, and teacher. 

YouTube talk: Witches, the Commons, reclaiming the body and discovering our power 

Blog post by Jodi Dean: Silvia Federici, The exploitation of women and the development of capitalism 

Interview with Nancy Fraser: Feminism in neoliberal times 

Audre Lorde, Paris Review presents an interesting account of Lorde’s legacy.

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